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Edinburgh University

We are particularly keen to inspire the next generation and host an annual fieldtrip from Edinburgh University’, Students from the Natural Resource Management course visit Levenseat Ltd’s Waste management site and use this information to work on a project that focusses on specific aspects of Levenseat’s operations.

The aim of the project is for students to work in groups to produce a case report explaining the issues and imperatives faced by a manager arising from operating a commercial business in the waste management sector. Students are also asked to quantify the costs and benefits of waste management activities by producing a budget which calculates the costs and breakeven points of waste treatments.

Management Staff from Levenseat Ltd take the University on a tour of the site where students are able to quiz them on the individual aspects of Levenseat’s Operations. In November Levenseat staff members attend the final student presentations where they will provide expert feedback.


  • Gain experience of resource management techniques in practice
  • Gain Understanding of waste resource issues
  • Promote investigational, analytical and interpretative skills
  • Strengthen presentational skills
  • Improve group working and problem solving skills
  • Exploit the use of information as a resource in managerial decisions


Edinburgh Uni


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