Ever wonder what happens to your food waste?

Did you know that in Scotland we throw away 600,000 tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year? The food we throw away the most are fresh fruit and vegetables, bakery goods, drinks and salad. Valuable resources such as water, energy and fuel are all used to produce food and are lost when food is wasted. According to the ‘Love food Hate Waste’ website, the water footprint of avoidable food waste equals nearly 6 % of Scottish water requirements. Furthermore if we all stopped wasting food the benefit to the planet would be equivalent to taking 1 in four cars of the road.

Levenseat are doing their bit to try and reduce the amount of resources that are lost through food waste and have developed an innovative food waste recycling process that is helping to recover some of the resource value of the inputs that would have otherwise been lost. We take your food waste and produce a Liquid Anaerobic Digestion feedstock that is capable of producing high levels of biogas when processed through and anaerobic digestion facility. We also create a PAS 100 Compost and a PAS 110 Digestate both of which offer an alternative to artificial fertilisers and can improve soil structure. The whole process allows essential nutrients to be reintroduced to the soil which would have otherwise been lost, these nutrients improve the health and root growth of crops as well as the soils ability to retain water.

To find out more watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.

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For more information on food waste, in general, visit the love food hate waste website, it is packed full of helpful information on how to reduce food waste, including lots of appetising recipes for you leftovers.

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