Levenseat retain Midlothain Council Contract

our newly installed minerals recover facility

We are pleased to announce Levenseat have been awarded the contract for treatment and recycling of residual waste and associated services for Midlotian council.

Levenseat have retained the contract following a competitive tendering process and we believe the contract, that will run for a period of three years, will bring in approximately 6500 tonnes of bulky uplift residual waste and 100 tonnes of street sweeping per annum.

Chris Leader, Commercial Contracts Manager, commented:

“We are pleased to have retained responsibility for this contract and look forward to further cementing our relationship with Midlotian council. We are delighted to be working together to further increase recycling rates and diverting materials from Landfill. Retaining this contract is a proud achievement for the Levenseat team and a big thanks go out to all those involved.”

The street sweepings will be treated at our new wash plant, where sand and gravel will be extracted for use in concrete block manufacturing. The bulky uplift material will be processed at our sorting line facility with any residual waste being send to our materials recycling facility to be prepared into a fuel for our Power Plant.

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