Legio Blocks

Legio Blocks are a highly adaptable large building block which offer the ability to build an easily removable fully interlocking structure, on any level and sufficient load bearing surface.

Walls and structures can be built quickly and economically as no foundations are required for construction and as a temporary structure may not require planning permission. The blocks lock together in a similar fashion to a ‘Lego’ bricks requiring absolutely no cement, it is this unique interlocking property that makes them ideal for agricultural, industrial and commercial applications where large external wall panels are required (e.g. sheds and storage bays.) but can be removed later and repeatedly used elsewhere.

Legio blocks are manufactured from high quality recycled and reclaimed raw material making them a more environmentally friendly option than other concrete blocks available on the market. Our blocks are tested for strength by an independent company to ensure they are robust and long lasting.

Typical applications include:

  • Storage Bays
  • Retaining Walls
  • Partition walls
  • Support Structures
  • Noise Barriers and Fire Breaks (sound proofing, fire resistant walls)


Sizes Available:
Length Width Height Weight
1600 mm 800 mm 800 mm 2400 Kg
1200 mm 800 mm 800 mm 1800 Kg
800 mm 800 mm 800 mm 1200 Kg
400 mm 800 mm 800 mm 600 Kg
1600 mm 800 mm 400 mm 1200 Kg
1200 mm 800 mm 400 mm 900 Kg
800 mm 800 mm 400 mm 600 Kg
400 mm 800 mm 400 mm 300 Kg


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