Tyre Bales

Our tyre bales are BSI pass108 compliant demonstrating they are produced to consistent high standard and are fully traceable.

Tyre bales are often an attractive alternative to primary aggregate materials in the construction industry due to their many advantages.


These features include:

  • Permeability comparable to gravel
  • High porosity and the open structure greatly improves drainage
  • Low bulk density, ideal for soft ground
  • Good frictional response and stiffness helping to minimise settlement
  • Uniform block size allowing for easy building and placement

Typical applications include:

  • Road Sub Bases over soft ground
  • Soak-aways and Drainage Structures
  • Retaining Walls and Slope Stabilisation
  • Gabions and Waterway Control
  • Flood Defense
  • Mud Slide and Erosion Control
  • Reed Beds


Product Specifications:

Dimensions        1.5mx 1.25m x 0.8m

Volume                1.5 cubic meters

Mass                     0.850 tonnes

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