Disposal via landfill

At Levenseat we are continually seeking ways to avoid the disposal of materials that can be reused of recycled, however, there are still situations when disposal is the only economic option and we are able to offer our clients a route for safe disposal in our Landfill facility.

Composition of Landfill

Our modern Landfill is an example of sophisticated engineering where waste can be contained securely and the land can eventually be used for grazing. Our Landfill also captures value from the waste contained through the conversion of waste to energy.

Landfill Gas to Energy production

As waste decomposes in our landfill site, it naturally produces methane, the major component in natural gas. At Levenseat we capture this gas and use it as an alternative energy source, whilst also reducing methane emissions. We harness this energy and export it to the national grid, currently Levenseat produces enough energy to power 1500 homes


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