Materials Processing

At Levenseat we are able to process materials that are often considered by the industry to be difficult to recycle, such as tyres and mattresses.

We have invested heavily in several  pieces of technology, including industrial shredders and screeners which are suitable for shredding of most reusable, recyclable and recoverable materials.  We are able to handle materials from MSW to waste wood, from plastics to tyres and mattresses. This enables us to process and extract value from some of the most difficult materials present in the waste stream.


Levenseat can offer a fully auditable disposal and recycling option for used tyres which meets all duty of care requirements.  We accept car & light commercial tyres for our BSI PAS108 compliant tyre baling operation producing a product suitable for a range of engineering applications.  By utilising these in our own operations as well as supplying to other companies we have developed a clear understanding of their suitability for a range of applications.


As a problematic waste stream due to their size and bulk and complex construction, we have worked hard to identify a cost effective solution which allows the processing, separation and recovery of the individual components.

Having refined our approach to deliver the required results we are now offering this to our customers who can deliver segregated loads of mattresses and who are looking for an environmentally friendly option which can deliver 100% diversion from landfill.


Graded & segregated clean wood and biomass can be processed through our shredding and screening process to produce a range of graded materials.  These products have a range of applications in landscaping, agriculture,  manufacturing and energy production.


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